ABOUT 1st Avenue East (27th to 40th Street)

1st Avenue East, from 27th Street to 40th Street, is a commercial corridor and major transportation arterial between downtown and residential areas of Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities. The pavement and several of the underground utilities along this portion of 1st Avenue East have surpassed their useful life and must be replaced or significantly reconstructed.

In 2011, the City of Cedar Rapids conducted a public involvement process to identify the issues and concerns that are important to neighborhoods and businesses in and around the project boundaries. Based on this public feedback, a project concept was developed. The concept improvements primarily involve a street rehabilitation. Improvements will include pavement repair, curbs, sidewalks, trail, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water main repair. Additionally, intersection adjustments and streetscape alternatives will be considered. These are similar to improvements that have taken place along other sections of 1st Avenue in recent years.

In July 2012, the City of Cedar Rapids selected Anderson Bogert to provide Preliminary Design & Surveying services for the 1st Avenue East project. The preliminary design process is scheduled to take place over the next twelve months (see schedule).

The public participation process for this concept study has been very helpful and the City appreciates all of the input provided (see Problems/Public Concerns Map). Although the project is now different, there were several good ideas from the public that the City may incorporate into the project, including:

  • Lowering of the "hump" at 30th Street, while providing a trail crossing underneath

  • Completing sidewalk in the gap from 36th to 40th Street & upgrading the existing sidewalk and sidewalk ramps

  • Making side-street modifications at signalized intersections to improve traffic flow

  • Planting new trees

  • ​Relocating overhead electric power lines and improving street/sidewalk lighting

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